Savegard 3 kg

Savegard is a mixture of specific ingredients which help safeguard gastric functionality in horses of all types and age. As has been acknowledged for some time, there are risk (stress) factors in the lives of all horses which can act in a negative manner and compromise the health of the animals, including their anatomy and gastric structure.

The product contains:

  • Rice middlings: protects the gastrointestinal tract
  • FermSoy: for a healthy digestive tract
  • Calcium carbonate: exerts a buffer action
  • Ulmus Rubra: with lubricating action

Savegard should be used in potential risk factor situations, such as the emergence of gastric problems, which are usually preceded or accompanied by more or less visible symptoms (poor appetite, weight loss, reduced athletic performance, dull coat).
Some examples of stressful situations may be:

  • during training and intense physical exercise
  • during competition periods
  • during transport
  • upon changes of diet
  • when confined to the stable
  • in pregnancy