Be Kalm pellets are used to help horses maintain their concentration in situations of increased stress or anxiety.
Magnesium and vitamin B6, in combination with tryptophan, guarantee energy, prevent negative mood swings and encourage mental efficiency. To synthesise serotonin, the organism needs vitamin B6 and tryptophan, while magnesium is essential for correct intestinal function and a healthy nervous system.

Be Kalm contains:

  • Tryptophan
  1. A serotonin precursor (neurotransmitter), useful if the animal has insufficient internal production or displays aggression, fear and stress.
  2. A good supply of tryptophan should encourage increased serotonin production and bring about a calming response in stress situations.
  • Magnesium lactate is used for:
        - Muscle relaxation

         - More efficient nervous system functioning, with a contribution to hypersensitivity mitigation
         - Good bioavailability

  • Vitamin B6: used to attenuate the negative effects of serotonin deficit
  • Flour from herbs and plants. Plants used:
       - Hypericum, passion flower, California poppy, camomile

        - Siberian ginseng: adaptogenic properties (help the organism to be react more efficiently to excess stress. Increased mental and physical performance

  • Fermented soya flour: mainly active at the level of the gastrointestinal apparatus, whose disturbance frequently causes nervous states
  • Slippery elm: gastric lubricating action