Be Kalm is a new oral paste suitable for horses of a nervous disposition which react badly to specific situations of stress or suffer from anxiety.

In addition to the traditional ingredients also found in similar products (tryptophan, magnesium and B group vitamins), Be Kalm also contains:

  • Fermented vegetable extracts
  • Olive-based anti-oxidants
  • Extract of Aspergillus oryzae
  • Bark of Ulmus rubra

In more detail:

  • Tryptophan: a precursor of serotonin (a neurotransmitter), which, if produced in insufficient quantities in various animal species, leads to aggressive behaviour, fear and stress. The tryptophan contribution should increase serotonin production and consequently bring about a calming response
  • Magnesium: used to relax the muscles and render the functioning of the nervous system more efficient, thus helping reduce hyper-sensitivity
  • Group B vitamins: used above all to reduce the negative effects of serotonin deficit

To these traditional ingredients, we add:

  • Flour from fermented herbs and flowers *. Plants used:
  •    Klamath Weed, Passion Flower, California Poppy, Camomile = known for their calming action
  •    Eleutherococcus senticosus: with adaptogenic properties, increases physical and mental performance and stimulates the immune functions

* The fermentation process used aims at eliminating a considerable part of the toxic or anti-nutritional substance in the flour and supplying the active nucleus of the various substances while removing the elements which limit their efficacy

  • Fermented soy flour: the fermentation releases biologically active substances (peptides) which have a relaxing action. The main action takes place in the gastroenteric apparatus, to eliminate the gastric problems which are a frequent cause of nervousness

  • Fermented liquorice extracts. Glycyrrhizic acid: with anti-oxidant properties
  • Ulmus rubra: with a soothing, lubricant and decongestant action on the stomach